City Kitchen

The City Kitchen family welcomes you with wholesome American fare prepared through simple, time-honored cooking methods such as roasting, braising, preserving and smoking. The CK team is dedicated to the experience through locally sourced high quality products delivered with a warm genuine smile. This is the place you’ve been waiting for. Only friendlier. It’s that neighborhood watering hole Chapel Hill doesn’t have enough of, with the comfort and hearty abundance of the kitchen you grew up in. Every plate, every meal, every dessert we’ve created is a reflection of the flavors and techniques found across America (and abroad) that have given us inspiration. With our own twist.

Executive Chef: Jessie Flores 

$30 City Kitchen Dinner:


Red watercress salad
Goat cheese spread / black currants / blood orange / honey-balsamic vinaigrette

Spiced lamb meatballs
Romesco sauce / baby arugula / feta crumble

Soup of the day


 Sweet Pea Lemon scented Risotto
  Arborio rice / peas / lemon / reggiano parmesan / extra virgin olive oil

Skillet Seared Frenched Chicken Breast
  Fingerling / sofrito / basil pistou

Braised beef
Gemelli pasta / roasted red pepper tomato ragout / asiago cheese
Rainbow swiss chard


Wild berry Sorbet
  fresh berries / sugar cookie

Flourless Chocolate Cake
  brown sugar caramel, chantilly cream, berries

Poached pear
red wine poached pear, maple syrup mascarpone, pistachio crisp

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Chapel Hill 27514 NC US
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