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Its a Southern Thing

Its a Southern Thing


Product Description

We love the south and its food and we source as much food as possible from local North Carolina farms and butchers. You can check our wall out front to see where your food is coming from every time you walk in. A little explanation about our name. Our founder, Pete Susca, is a Jersey boy who moved down south around 20 years ago. Life up north is pretty different and Pete had a lot of questions about why people did things a certain way down here and the answer he always got was “it’s a southern thing”. At first he didn’t understand what people meant when they said that but the longer he lived down here and the more he fell in love with the south, the more he understood what it meant, from sweet tea to chicken fried steak. Pete started to understand and started living the southern life, he slowed down, took his time and did things right the first time.

We embrace those qualities about the south and its cooking style. We believe slowing down, taking your time to do things right and putting love into your dishes. We believe in that also and do just that and we think you can taste the love we put into everything, from steeping our sweet tea to smoking our chicken and pork slowly in house to the tenderness of our collards. We want you to leave here feeling like you just got a home cooked meal from grandma herself.